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7 Best Gas Weed Eater

Echo weed eater has the advantage of being lightweight, its powerful, high-performance 2-stroke engine, and is widely used especially for commercial purposes. With the effortless pull starting system, operating the weed eater is very easy. Even the cutting efficiency will be superior thanks to Tap’N Go’s dual-line feed. Best of all, the manufacturer offers standard warranty service for 2 years. Any of the following options require a straight shaft and you should prefer a solid driveline.

First of all, they are not bound by the limits of a cord; secondly, most models feature ergonomic handle designs and support straps to make them easier to carry and maneuver. The biggest complaint with this device is the trimmer line was the weight, otherwise, we see very strong customer reviews, for a gas weed eater trimmer in this more moderate price range. The 16-inch cutting swath and dual-line bump head make it easy to trim a wide area of grass without stopping to refill the trimmer line. Reload the string trimmer line with ease by tapping the cutting head on the ground while operating. There are three main types of head-feeding systems for string trimmers–bump-feed, automatic feed, and fixed-line systems. With a bump feed trimmer, you simply bump the trimmer head on the ground to activate a spring-loaded mechanism.

Best Gas Weed Eater 2021

As you can see, there are some fantastic gas string trimmers on the market. The choice of engine in your string trimmer needs to be carefully considered. While best gas weed eater there are powerful smaller engine models like the Echo GT-225, many models with this size of engine will lack the power to tackle tough garden trimming.

However, if you’re taller, you may have to lean forward when using this type of weed eaters. This translates to more control over your weed eater and portability of the device. Namely, these are lighter, shorter, and the grip on them is more comfortable than with the straight-shaft weed eater. Another good thing about these weed eaters is that they are really quiet when they perform, and since they don’t use any gas and emit fumes, they are also safer and better for the environment.

Husqvarna 129r

You can convert this weed wacker with other lawn care products as it is compatible with the Trimmer Plus system, but the attachments are sold separately. Craftsman offers a 2-year limited warranty on the string trimmer. If you have a cord, you will be tethered to your power source, which can be a deal breaker for some folks. You will need to recharge the battery which can take a very long time just to have the weed eater run out of juice and quit on you in the middle of a tough task.

All weed whackers need to be wiped down from time to time as the pulpy remnants of cut grass and weeds can clog up the spinning motion. If you live in California, or you are just interested in having the lowest emissions for your 4 stroke trimmer, then you will be interested in the MTD Southwest TB685EC Natural Organic trimmer. It has the biggest engine and the widest cutting swath of all the trimmers listed here. You will also like the adjustability of the handle that makes it especially attractive for left-handed users. This trimmer is one of the lowest priced trimmers in its class, allowing lots of attachments for the straight shaft version. We really like the Makita EM2652LHN for its solid reputation and high efficiency solid steel drive shaft.

It’s got star protection computer controls to protect your battery and communicate with your technology better- meaning that it helps you do more. You’ll enjoy the power for the price too, getting around 7,800 rotations per minute every single time you work. Even more, it comes with a 3 year warranty- and it’s been thoroughly inspected to give you the best usage and long life possible.

Consider how long it would take you to trim your yard and look at whether a battery powered unit would give you enough run time or an electric powered unit would be convenient enough. They are at the top of the price bracket – more expensive than battery or electric weed eaters and heavier too. Gas powered weed eaters are the most powerful weed eaters you can get and you have the benefit of no cord, giving you unlimited mobility. The fact you have a lead attached means you are restricted in your mobility.

As a result, titanium made trimmers get the job done faster than the nylon material trimmer lines but are more costly than the nylon trimmer lines. However, nylon trimmer lines also get the job done, are cheaper and some brands offer exceptional performance. The diameter determines the type of material and the size that the trimmer line can be able to handle.

best gas weed eater

Additionally, participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links. The use lengths of lines that are already threaded into the trimmer. These are the most popular option, especially for commercial weed eaters. One of the difference in the Echo, besides the curved shaft, is the rapid feed line. Moving on from a two-stroke string trimmer, we have the four-cycle straight shaft gas-powered variant from Husqvarna. We’ve landed on the Husqvarna 128LD 17-inch Straight Shaft Detachable String Trimmer as our winner for 2021.

Shaft Type

This weed eater is totally worth having and would make a great addition to your shed. It has all the benefits of some of the better battery operated weed eaters with the price of a corded string trimmer. If you have a small area to trim, like a back patio or driveway, and already own a heavy duty outdoor extension cord, then a corded weed eater is an economical choice. Electric weed eaters have all the power of gas weed eaters without the mess or smell gas.

The best way to store your gas weed eater is to hang it vertically on the wall of your garage or shed; this gives the item a smaller footprint than if you were to store it horizontally. Before storing your gas weed eater, make sure it’s been thoroughly cleaned. Once that’s determined, you’ll also want to give the weed eater a general inspection to make sure everything is as it should be—especially if you’re going to be storing it long-term .

In terms of the engines that power string trimmers or weed eaters , some are powered by gas, while others are engaged through electric power, either AC or DC electrical power. This Honda produces less smoke and smell than 2-stroke trimmers. Moreover, the design of this tool also features a comfortable handle which dampens the vibrations, and this makes the Honda HHT35SLTA string trimmer much more comfortable to use. Furthermore, the shaft is much more durable than those of other trimmers and it has better shock absorption to make it more comfortable to operate.

  • Before cleaning, also make sure to clear any excess debris off the weed eater (dirt, grass, etc.).
  • A single cutting line is easier to thread than a twin line, but the twin line can give you a better cut.
  • This model here offers a 28 cc 2-stroke engine, which delivers all the power you’ll ever need to get the job done.
  • There is a safety button on the handle that you need to push down before you can pull the trigger, but it is handily placed and easy to press.
  • A cordless battery powered weed eater simply ain’t going to cut it.
  • Your weed eater is bound to make some noise but if you’re worried about keeping the noise level low, opt for a 4-cycle.
  • You can also use it in your backyard or your garden to get rid of overgrown areas.
  • They’re also a little bit on the expensive side, but they can get the job done pretty quickly.

For example, the 4-cycle gas weed trimmer requires less maintenance and you can mix gas with oil, while that is not recommended for the 2-cycle gas powered weed wacker models. Also, the good thing about 4-cycle gas powered trimmers is that they don’t pollute the air as much as the 2-cycle gas powered weed trimmers. The Husqvarna 129C is considered the best curved shaft gas string trimmer on the market.

Every weed eater produces a fair amount of vibration as you use it. This vibration makes it challenging to use weed eaters for long periods without getting fatigued or discomfort. If you have some experience with these outdoor tools, you know that it can be tricky to get them starting. That is why the weed eater needs to have a function that enables easy starting. On the other hand, lighter units are easy to use and maneuver around the lawn since they are not as tiring as the heavier options. So, as you look for the best weed eater for your premises, you should add the weight to the list of considerations.

best gas weed eater

As well as those features, it is also a light model to choose, coming in at just over 12 lbs, so that can help to reduce fatigue. As well as that, there is a power boost vortex engine that comes with revolutionary starting technology. This helps to reduce the effort in starting the weed eater by 30% which is a great help when you use this a lot and want to get using it again quickly. Electric trimmers or weed eaters normally have the motor in the cutting head. Unlike the gas-powered trimmer, there is no need to pull a rip cord to start the engine.

Growing Romaine Lettuce From Cuttings

When looking for a new string trimmer, pay attention to the design, power options, string features and warranty. For instance, most of the trimmers we reviewed are cordless, and batteries are a nice convenience but they don’t last forever. The following considerations will help you select the best electric string trimmer for your lawn.

If you haven’t worked with this type of start before, it can be a bit confusing. The EGO Power+ 15″ offers power and convenience combined with cordless technology, enabling you to cover larger yard areas without worrying about power sources and extension cords. These are the big boys of the trimmer world, they have larger engines, thicker line, and strong metal blades for dealing with dense brush and weeds. As well as handheld versions, you can also purchase walk-behind and tow-behind versions for clearing big areas. This tool wasn’t invented until the 1970s, when George Ballas of Houston, Texas developed a prototype using a fishing line to cut through pesky weeds. It worked well and was quickly picked up by other manufacturers.

While most lawn mowers on the market require you to pull a rope to start an engine, Troy-Bilt weed eaters are equipped with a jumpstart. And the machine will start in no time when you press this button. With a flexible cut path from 13 ” to 15 ”, you can use this tool as a weed trimmer or as a lawnmower. This string trimmer can even be attached to all Ryobi ConneXion accessories to maximize flexibility. They can’t do anything a hand machine won’t, and are clumsy and heavy.

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In the end I have plumped for the Black & Decker LSTE523 – for its great line feed system and powerful two speed system. It’s also easy to start with its Quick Start Technology 25cc engine. When it comes to gas equipment, it’s the start that is usually the problem because you have to pull the string multiple times before it will start.

It gets those hard-to-reach areas around walkways, fence posts, and underneath brush that a lawnmower can’t reach. For tougher jobs, they can be used to clear large areas of high, thick grass, weeds, and other vegetation. Whatever your individual needs, there is a string trimmer to fit any need and any budget.

Another user said he was “very impressed with the power and usability” of the trimmer. In a write-up from LivingHorticulturally, a reviewer called it a “featherweight tool” that is ideal for “trimming hard to reach areas” of a property that a mower can’t access. Although the cut path is only 12″, the machine has the ability to allow users to extend the line by pressing the button. The handles and length of the machine are also customized to create a comfortable position possible.

It’s a simple addition that will help you avoid accidentally trimming your flowerbeds while you’re trying to get rid of those weeds. The guard extends outwards over the front of the cutting zone, so you know exactly how close you can get before you reach the end of the line, so to speak. It’s the little touches like this that really increase the functionality and usefulness of a tool, and show that the manufacturers really understand what lawn care is all about. By picking a lightweight gas weed eater, not only will you be able to cut grass without suffering from fatigue, you’ll also benefit from easier maneuverability.

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While top gas weed eaters can cost as much as $400, some are very affordable, starting at under $100. Like the Troy-Bilt weed eaters, Lawn Master’s weed eater does not require you to pull a rope to start the equipment. Instead, its electric push-button powered by a rechargeable lithium battery allows you to start easily. gas weed eater with a 30cc engine capacity and a 17” cut path, which makes it a strong cutting ability and outstanding efficiency.

The tool also has reduced emissions and a durable gear box which will increase its life-cycle and benefit you in the long run. This tool is designed for large properties and semi-professional applications. An affordable weed eater can be all it takes to carefully and conscientiously handle all of the troublesome growth in your backyard. If you have a lot of trees, gardening space, or a fence line that you want to look it’s best, you should invest in a weed eater. The difference between a weed whacker that lasts a long time and a weed whacker that only lasts a season is maintenance.